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About Us

Anda Telecom Ltd. is a young, dynamic, innovative, privately - owned telecoms company based in the United Kingdom. Anda Telecom Ltd provides innovative, leading edge communications technology products and solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. Our experience in Data, Telephony, Mobile and PDA - based applications enable us to work in close partnership with leading manufactures and developers around the globe to add value to the customers existing offering and improve overall customer satisfaction. We are a global organisation with customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Mr. Harish Gupta, Managing director of Anda Telecom India worked extensively with Mr. David Tomlinson during his tenure with ATL Telecom to expand the business. From our experience at ATL Telecom, our knowledge of the market place, the distribution channels and end users, we feel that your products would be able to quickly gain substantial traction in the market place using our experience and contacts.

Mr. David Tomilnson and Harish Gupta joined hands together and decided to expand he base to ANDA telecom U.K to India and other SAARC countries. Young, Dynamic, Qualified and experienced entrepreneurs joined hand together incorporated a company Anda Telecom Pvt. Ltd with a mission to provide India and SAARC countries selected range of products for the connectivity market place, that are world-class quality at affordable prices.

Anda Telecom India has tied-up with Multi-Tech System, Inc. USA for promoting its range of data com and telecom products in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

Company is committed to bring more and more world class quality products at affordable prices. Lot more products in the road map will be introduced very shortly.


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